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Don’t miss this gripping tale of adventure and suspense as a young girl comes to know the truth about herself and the world she lives in.

When her parents and brothers mysteriously died nine years ago, Relle Brin was sent to a Daughter House as a ward of the state. There, she has lived a hard life with other orphan girls under the cruel and unjust Superiors, unable to leave until she reaches the age of majority. Now, as her eighteenth birthday approaches, she is given the chance to participate in the televised, government-run competition known as The Obstacle. It is a rare opportunity to win the ultimate prize lacking in the lives of all citizens—a life of personal freedom—free from all government control.

But there are those who know and understand the real objectives of the Obstacle, and the true intentions of the state. They will work hard to enlist Relle to join their cause in an effort to gather information to expose the government, its evil purposes, and its phantom reward. If she agrees, Relle will risk her life in a noble effort to help reveal the brutalities of this depraved contest.

What can one eighteen year old orphan girl do?

More than you know.