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 The opening story of the new science fiction series, THE OBSTACLE, was just released by the writing duo of Frank and Chris Casso. This exciting tale is sure to quickly set a new standard in certain genres of modern literature.

 The book trilogy begins with a young woman named Relle Brin as the central character. A personal quest for freedom is her motivation, and is also the backdrop for this dystopian adventure that promises to be both captivating and entertaining.

  “I believe that as the reader goes further into this intricate and compelling story, they’ll find themselves increasingly intrigued with the world we’ve created,” says Chris Casso.

 Frank adds, “This saga is also extremely rich with its own mythology and symbolism. Readers will begin to understand these elements as they move through the story and its events.”

 Initial response to THE OBSTACLE has been quite favorable. Readers have enjoyed the cleverness and creativity of the story. Some have also commented on the freshness and originality evident in plot components and character names.

 The second book, which is yet to be named, is slated to be released within twelve months of the first. Both authors are tremendously excited about the sequels, which promise to be even more powerful and enthralling.

THE OBSTACLE can be found at

THE OBSTACLE Book Series Launches

Authors Frank Casso and Chris Casso release the first installment in their new science fiction book series, THE OBSTACLE.

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