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THE OBSTACLE Series, Book One

A deluxe excerpt of this new and exciting novel by Frank Casso & Chris Casso.

This partial excerpt has been edited and formatted specifically for presentation here. Copyright © 2014, Frank Casso & Chris Casso  Any reproduction or transmission in any form is strictly prohibited.





The Plunder of Thieves; The Announcement; The Day Before; The Arrival of Salm; The Choice; The Abduction and The Crisis; The Aftermath; The Many Questions; The Council; The Reason We Fight; The Prank; The Plea; The Decision and The Return; The Interrogation; The Confession; The Sweet Goodbye; The World Has Changed


It is an unfortunate truth—most people only study and understand the history of humanity as it pertains to their own lifetime. Few bother to gain a further knowledge of times past. Fewer still develop an understanding or appreciation for what has gone on before.

As a historian myself, I have learned much about the millennia of human existence. I am a voracious consumer of history, but more than that, I have meditated on and analyzed thoroughly the available records of human development and civilization.

Like the tides of the ocean, history has an ebb and flow. The flow is evident in civilizations that have sprung up, enjoyed great wealth and prosperity, advanced in exploration and technology, and reached beyond their borders in a quest for knowledge. These cultures have often pushed man to the very limits of what he is capable, often with impressive and beneficial results.

But then there is the ebb. Cultures begin to wither and die as the population becomes stagnant, no longer striving for the impossible. Laziness and selfishness replace hard work and achievement for the greater good. Man turns inward, becoming egotistical and greedy. He desires, or rather he requires, more and more, but produces less and less. To satisfy his insatiable hunger for wealth, riches, and power, he must subjugate others so he can take what does not belong to him. Sometimes it is by connivance, sometimes by coercion, sometimes by murder.

I live in such a time as this. The moral and economic decay is evident everywhere. The continents of the world are ruled by the Sovereign Six, administered by their minions, the Dictators. They have presided over this degradation of humanity. They have promoted themselves at the expense of the general population. They have ascended up to Mount Olympus and declared themselves gods.

Meanwhile, the depressed conditions that have resulted from their ruinous sovereignty continue. Like other tyrants before them, these rulers blame others for the terribleness of their reign. And it is all too easy for an uninformed and apathetic populace to be persuaded that the problems they face are the direct result of another groups’ existence. The tyrants advance this untrue assertion; primarily because it shifts the blame they should rightfully bear to others who have neither the power nor resources to repudiate these charges. Sadly and once again, the public accepts lies as truth, and truth as fiction.

Like Hitler attempted to destroy the Gypsies and Jews; like Pol Pot and the Cambodian killing fields, today’s oppressors have made it a quest to expose, hunt down, and destroy any who would stand against them—anyone who would attempt to deny them their self-proclaimed right to rule. They point to others and blame them for their own shortcomings and inadequacies. Then they market these lies as fact to a lethargic and misinformed citizenry. A citizenry that is only too happy to be persuaded that freedom and choice are injurious to society, to the people, and to the earth as a whole. That is why, most believe, that the Dictators and the Sovereign Six are the saviors of humanity, and of the earth itself.

I am a resistor of this oppression.  There are others, but we are few . . . and scattered. Some of us have suffered great loss at the hands of the Dictators. Our desire for vengeance fuels our efforts to cast off this repressive government.

Others have joined our cause solely for freedom’s sake. We come from every walk of life, every part of society. We have some common traits and some common experiences that help bind us together. Most of all, we have one common goal; to overthrow those who hold freedom captive.

Why will we prevail? The answer is not what one would expect. For though we are few in number; though we have limited resources; we have a special gift. I believe this is what will help us to eventually remove the hood of deception and lies from the minds of the people. It is this gift that we believe will help us to one day overcome the Dictators, and their trophy known as


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